Home Entertainment Selinée Méndez to René Brea:

Selinée Méndez to René Brea:

Selinée Méndez to René Brea:

the communicator Selinee Mendez she spoke of consistency based on the work that her ex-husband, René Brea, has done at Grupo de Medios Telemicro, where she understands that female figures continue to wear “scarcely clad”, something the producer had complained about before taking office in that company.

“René complained many times that at Telemicro the girls wore few clothes, that this was not very good or it was not good for an example for the girls and for the youth and Telemicro continues to have that problem because perhaps one does not have that opportunity to watch the channel all day, but through social networks one sees the cuts or the YouTube channel so we have to be consistent,” said Selinée on the radio program Al Medio Día.

The former beauty queen also compared the general director of Telemicro with the officials who, when entering the public sector, do not fulfill what they had promised.

“You cannot say one thing one day and say another. That is often like in political positions where there are people and businessmen who perhaps say one thing or someone from another party and they hire him, and they take him to that position. I I have several friends who spent their entire lives saying one thing, they put him in that position and they have done nothing,” he said.

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