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After the documentary by Canal Arte (French-German), the recently released documentary by DW TV in Germany for Latin America, the Agroecology chapter within the ¨Self-sustainable¨ cycle has just been released on Canal Encuentro.

There is a television work at the University of La Plata in the editing process. This chapter was built from the structure of listening to agroecological producers in GUAMINÍ, a pioneer city in AGROECOLOGY. They are the actors of this chapter.

RENAMA was interviewed in the voice of the producers themselves and what AGROECOLOGY really is began to emerge, in addition to the technical explanations of agronomist president Eduardo Cerdá, biologist Marcelo Schwerdt and RENAMA members such as Ana Alberdi, agroecological producer of Coronel Suárez, those who defined agroecological solidarity were the producers, many of whom we had the honor of meeting in the same fields where the filming took place at a recent meeting in the city of GUAMINÍ.

This chapter also shows us AGROECOLOGY in fields of 5,500 hectares in the city of BOLÍVAR, an establishment called ¨La Primavera¨ that investigates and ventures into other forms of agricultural production such as BIODYNAMICS, for example. The objective is to recover the fertility of the land through biodiversity.

Another documentary that is a gift to the soul in favor of our motto “For health, the countryside and life”. RENAMA is approaching 100,000 hectares doing agroecology with yields similar to chemical agriculture that pollutes and desertifies the soil and with greater profits for the producer due to the very low production costs.

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Eduardo Cerdá says in an excerpt from the documentary: ¨If you want to know if agriculture can be done without agrochemicals, go and ask the GUAMINÍ producers who are doing this and they are doing very well.¨.

AGROECOLOGY is a tool for all of us to do well, even those who live in the city. Undoubtedly, RENAMA (National Network of Municipalities and Communities Promoting Agroecology) continues to grow in the heat of demonstrated truth.


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