A tragic incident took place in India where a brother died and his sister died after seeing the body.

According to Indian media reports, the tragic incident took place in Mysore district of Karnataka state. The sister could not bear the shock of the death of her brother who was killed in a road accident and died of a heart attack.

The deceased along with her parents reached the hospital to see her brother’s body where she suffered a heart attack which proved fatal.

Rashmi was a second year B.Com student in a government college in Mysore. Her brother Kirtiraj was killed in a traffic accident on Mysore Mangalore High in Hansor Taluka on Monday night.

When the daughter saw her brother’s body and fell in the hospital, the parents immediately consulted a doctor where the doctor confirmed her death and said that Rashmi had died of a heart attack.

According to the Indian media, when two funerals took place in the same house, doomsday fell on the family members and the residents of the area also became sad.

The last rites of the two siblings were performed later.



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