See: Virat Kohli has a heated argument with the fan who harassed the Indian player- Video

Virat Kohli argues with fans from the locker room...- India TV
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Virat Kohli argues with fans from the locker room balcony during the LEC vs IND warm-up match


  • Virat Kohli argues with a fan in England
  • Fan worried fast bowler Nagarkoti
  • Argument during the practice match against Leicestershire

Virat Kohli never shied away from expressing his feelings openly. On the field they collide with bowlers, so they do not shy away from this job even off the field. The latest case is that of the ongoing warm-up match against Leicestershire, where Kohli was seen giving a lesson to fans who worried young player Kamlesh Nagarkoti.

Virat calm passionate fan

In the video that went viral on social media, Kohli can be seen silencing the fan who was harassing the young pacemaker. A fan constantly asked Nagarkoti to be photographed. The 22-year-old Indian bowler is not part of the squad. He is in England as a net shooter.

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The fan told Nagarkoti that he has said goodbye to his position for the match, so he has the right to click on a photo. “He was constantly asking to click on the photos. I came here on a full day’s leave from my office, so I was just calling Nagkoti for a photograph.” To this, Kohli replied: “He has come here to play and not to be photographed.”

Virat has already been changed

Virat has also clashed with fans on a few occasions in the past. He has argued with the spectators present in the stands even on the field, but these incidents are very old. In recent years, the former Team India captain has not been involved in any such incident. Even in the ongoing practice match in Leicestershire, Virat tried to separate his young teammate from the crowd.

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India in strong position in warm-up match against Leicestershire

If we talk about the current practice match against Leicestershire, India have reached a strong position. If on the last day of the game, the Indian bowlers perform as in the early innings, then India can start the tour with a win before the Single Test against England.

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