See Video: Henry Nicholls came out in a strange way, trapped after being hit by the non-striker’s bat

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Some photos of the strange wicket by Henry Nicholls


  • Henry Nicholls sat out after scoring 19 runs after being hit by the non-forward’s bat.
  • New Zealand scored 225 runs for the loss of 5 wickets on the first day of the Leeds Test
  • Kiwi batsman Darryl Mitchell continues his excellent form, returns undefeated after scoring 78 runs

Sometimes something happens on the cricket ground that everyone is shocked to see. A similar incident was seen in the final match of the ongoing test series between England and New Zealand. The wicket of New Zealand batsman Henry Nicholls, who was batting first in this match, made many headlines. His wicket fell in such a strange way that even the bowler himself could not believe that he had gotten the wicket. They caught him, but after the ball hit his bat, he hit the non-forward’s bat.

Winning the toss in this match, New Zealand captain Kane Williamson chose to bat first. The team lost four wickets for 83 runs. After this, Henry Nicholls and Darryl Mitchell took over the tickets. Everything was going well and the Kiwi team’s innings were improving. Meanwhile, something happened on the second ball of the 56 that surprised everyone. Henry Nicholls unfortunately returned to the arena after scoring 19 runs. With this, half of the New Zealand team was out for 123 runs. However, by the end of the first day, Mitchell (78) and Blundell (45) had brought the team’s score to 225 by 5 wickets.

You, too, will be surprised to see Nichols’ wicket!

Henry Nicholls was prepped after scoring 19 runs. Meanwhile, Jack Leach came in to pitch the 56th. Nicholls was in front of him on the second ball of the over and Darryl Mitchell was present as a non-striker. Henry Nicholls played that straight ball, but he didn’t know he’d be out even with this sure shot. No one else stood between his shots, fellow batter Darryl Mitchell, whose bat hit the ball into the hands of Alex Lees standing in the middle. Seeing this, bowler Jack Leach also did not believe that he got the wicket. Nichols looked very disappointed.

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What does the MCC rule say?

Seeing such a wicket, the question must have arisen in everyone’s mind, after all, what is the law of cricket regarding such an incident? Such a wicket is described in Rule of the Law Book of the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), the legislative body for cricket. If a ball is caught after touching a wicket, umpire, other fielder, runner or another batsman, then the batsman on strike is considered out.

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