In the match played on Monday night in the IPL, a decision of the third referee has been questioned. Rohit Sharma, neither the Mumbai players nor the Rohit fans seemed to agree with the way Rohit Sharma was delivered in the Mumbai Indians vs Kolkata Knight Riders match. Indeed, the Mumbai Indians, chasing the 166-run target, lost captain Rohit Sharma’s wicket in the first over of their innings. The umpire on the field had not called Rohit out, but at KKR’s review, the third umpire instructed Rohit to be sent to the pavilion. Doubts were raised about this decision by the third referee because Rohit was not seen leaving even at the review.

Tim Southee was throwing the first from KKR. The last ball of the over from him, past Rohit’s bat, hit the Thai bag and then went into the hands of goalie Sheldon Jackson. The KKR players appealed but the referee declared that Rohit was not out. KKR captain Shreyas Iyer reviewed this. In the review it was seen that the ball touched the bat but on the ultra edge a shot was seen when passing the ball and seeing this the third referee called Rohit out. However, it was also clearly visible on the ultra edge that the spikes were visible even before the ball passed close to the bat. So it could have been a glitch. But the third referee paid no attention and declared Rohit out.

Rohit Sharma seemed to disagree with this decision. Shortly after this decision by the third umpire, cricket fans also started questioning this decision on social media. Someone said Rohit Sharma wasn’t out, then someone said the ball didn’t hit the bat at all. Someone also said that on the ultra edge, the spikes were visible even before the ball got close to the bat, here the umpire made a wrong call.

In this match, chasing the target of 166 runs, the Mumbai Indians kept losing wickets at regular intervals and the whole team was set for just 113 runs. This was Mumbai’s ninth loss this season.


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