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Sedekerskis and Granger give air to Baskonia and Ivanovic

Sedekerskis y Granger dan aire al Baskonia y a Ivanovic

Peters by Peters at the Baskonia. Alec, operated in Chicago for meniscus and Lamar, a newcomer, signed as a point guard until the end of the season for Dusko Ivanovic’s team. In the local team, Sander Raieste was also low while Unicaja had all its troops before starting the Buesa Arena commitment. Unicaja lost 88-85 with 17 seconds remaining but did not take advantage of their attack to draw and lost in the capital of Alava against a Baskonia that needed a victory to reaffirm itself after two very bad weeks.

Bitci’s Montenegrin coach was in question. In fact, if it were not him, the normal thing is that Josean Querejeta would have already stopped him. In any case, his influence on the history of the club is very important and everyone understands that he is still sitting on the Barça bench. He needed a victory to claim his claim before playing in Barcelona in the Euroleague and against Gran Canaria in the ACB League.

Unicaja started very involved in the game, both in defense and attack (6-19, min. 8). It was when the first whistles began in the stands. Abromaitis and Bouteille were the executors of the Costa del Sol team but Marinkovic, who started the season very hesitant, linked good actions in attack and left the light in a 14-22 quite symptomatic of what was happening.

Baskonia is a team that, if it dominates the defensive rebound and runs, scores enough points but if it has to attack in five against five, it has few resources. In the 14th minute, Unicaja doubled him on the scoreboard (14-28). Barreiro, by now, had joined the party although the main visiting gunner was still Abromaitis. In the 15th game, only four Vitorian players had scored in the match: Baldwin, Sedekerskis, Marinkovic and Fontecchio.
At halftime, the Malagueños dominated the rebound (16-23) but had only caused 5 losses in the local team, which generally commit many more. There he has a huge waterway, as with offensive rebounds (5) which kept him with options in the game. Two teams that came from bad times and it was necessary to see who had a cough and who had pneumonia. Fontecchio kept a good line and the 5 points difference at the equator were the lesser evil for the Basques. The president of the club, Josean Querejeta, stirred in the box with the feeling that the pieces did not fit.

But four Baskonia players brought the home team back into the game with great offensive attitude. The executors were Granger, Marinkovic, Fontecchio and a hyperactive Sedekerskis. The match was tied at 57 but Bouteille got five consecutive points and maintained the differences in the light in favor of the Malaga players. Their joy did not last long as, in the first attack of the final period, a triple by Granger made it 63-62. The whole game ahead and, at the moment of truth, overwhelmed by the Alava. Katsikaris wanted to die. For more INRI, Sedekerskis then hit a front triple.

In the blink of an eye, Baskonia took the lead with 70-62. Blackout at Unicaja that a very inspired Bouteille tried to solve, remembering his past in Bilbao Basket and facing the bottom of the rocks. Basket dedications and stuff, come on. Fontecchio and Eric went to the bench with five fouls and the work of the Andalusians paid off as the clash was tied at 74, 77 and 83. There was an exchange of triples: Sederkerskis and Granger in Bitci and Brizuela and Norris in those of La Costa del Sol.

The match was for heads or tails and, in this case, Baskonia was heads up. With 47 seconds to go, a Giedraitis who was very faulty, made a triple that left things at 87-83. A team accustomed this year to low scores, met again and added a victory that reaffirms Dusko Ivanovic and the Vitorian project. Unicaja threatened but did not achieve victory on the Buesa Arena court. Sedekerskis returned to make a great match. It is not a first violin but it takes center stage when the stars fade or shine little. Also Granger, who met again and played the hot balls in key moments.

It was checked whether Baldwin took longer than he should to get off the ground after a free kick from Unicaja, which generated anxiety in the stands of the Buesa Arena because the game was 90-89 and there were 7 seconds left until the end of the clash. The decision favored the locals and Baskonia closed a very tight match. Sedekerskis missed two free throws but Giedraitis caught the offensive rebound. That’s where the game ended.

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