Secret reports on the Taliban, Dominic Robb confesses to Pakistan

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Robb has said that the reports given by the intelligence regarding the Taliban were proved to be false. I admit that I have not called the Pakistani or Afghan Foreign Minister for six months.

According to media reports, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Robb appeared before the Select Committee on Foreign Affairs in which he faced strong questions and criticism on the situation in Afghanistan.

Dominic Robb said: “We started evacuation planning in June. The reports given by the British intelligence were proved wrong. There were reports that the Taliban could take over Kabul in 2021.”

He said that all the estimates made by NATO allies proved to be wrong. How long could the US keep troops in Afghanistan? I confess that we have left some Afghans working for us.

Dominic Robb rejected the offer of an apology to the released Afghans, saying the queen’s image had been used by the Taliban for propaganda purposes.

Committee members criticized Dominic Robb for not understanding the gravity of the crisis and said he left the issues to junior members.

Foreign Minister Dominic Robb admitted that he had not called the Pakistani or Afghan foreign minister for six months. The Foreign Minister will visit Afghanistan’s neighboring countries, including Pakistan. The visit will focus on the evacuation of British workers from Afghanistan.


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