MK Ultra is considered to be a highly secretive CIA project in which the agency conducted hundreds of secret experiments, how did it work? A shocking story has unfolded.

Forty years ago, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was pressured to release documents that revealed that human mind control experiments had been carried out, including electric shocks, drugs without informing the victims. And other horrible methods were used.

The American intelligence community was alarmed when some prisoners of war from the Korean War rallied around the communist campaign in the United States, fearing that China and the Soviet Union would find ways to control the mind and allow their agents to pass intelligence. The CIA may have allocated کروڑ 25 million for psychological experiments on humans.Acid tests are associated with good and bad memoriesPsychologist Harvey M. Ventsin wrote in the book Father, Son and DCIA that the purpose of this project was to weaken human beings and how to interrogate them. To make the plan a reality, the CIA, with the help of counterfeit companies, contacted 80 institutions and scientists in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada, and gave drugs to patients in psychiatric hospitals, inmates in federal prisons and some civilians. Permission tested.

Some of these brutal methods are being described

Acid test

MK Ultra’s early projects included ‘Operation Midnight Climax’, for which they set up locations designated as ‘Safe House’, where men would bring in prostitutes without warning and They were given LSDs so that CIA scientists could research them.

People were invited to parties where LSD was given along with live music, these parties were called ‘acid test’ or acid test. Such invitations, a few years later, played a key role in promoting ‘hippie culture’ and psychological movements in the United States.

But some of the most damaging experiments were performed at the Allen Memorial Institute in Montreal, a psychiatric hospital in Canada, where the minds of an unknown number of patients were somehow destroyed.

The Allen

The hospital, known as The Allen and run by Scottish-American Donald Avon Cameron, is considered one of the world’s foremost psychiatrists.

Cameron was president of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) from 1952 to 1953 and again in 1963. He was president of the Canadian Psychiatric Association from 1958 to 1959, the Society of Biological Psychiatry in 1965, and the World Psychiatric Association from 1961 to 1966.Dr. Cameron was considered one of the world's leading psychiatristsThat’s why Lou’s father, psychologist Xavi Weinstein, wanted to treat him when he had a sudden onset of anxiety. The reasons are not understood.

Lou was a social activist who loved to sing. He ran his own business. Her life and her family were devastated when she left The Allen Hospital.

Dr. Cameron

The CIA contacted Dr. Cameron three years after the launch of MK Ultra through the Society of Human Ecology Research, a fictitious organization that provided aid.According to the records of a patient who had been in chemical sleep for 37 days, he was given 15 electric shocks.  He was given two shocks a day when he stopped treatment.

Cameron was developing a new scientific strategy that would allow the mind to resemble a computer and be programmed anew by erasing the memory. He had to be brought into a child-like mental state in which doctors could take advantage of a person’s mental weakness.

In such a beginning of mind-making, new ideas could be inserted into human memory and no one would realize that these ideas were not their own.

The method of psychological experiments

Patients coming to the hospital for treatment of minor ailments such as postpartum depression or anxiety were admitted here where they were kept in a chemical coma for several days or months.

According to Cameron’s theory, high-power, high-frequency electric shocks would have ‘brainstormed’ their minds, leaving them in a state where they could have better mental capacity.

The end of the program and the anger of the families

The MK Ultra project was halted in 1964, but was not actually completed until 1973. Evidence has been found that signs of his activities have been removed.