Secret maneuver of Almería after the doubts of the Sheikh with Ledesma

After Fernando Martínez’s threats to escape, the Almeriensista general management has activated several plans to sign the replacement, who was going to be the Argentine goalkeeper, but the Arab manager is not entirely convinced.

Defense and attack is the only thing that has been reinforced at UD Almería, where the third signing was going to be for the goal, with Jeremías Ledesma as the chosen one. For Vicente Moreno, the new coach of the indalic paintingThe Argentine goalkeeper inspires confidence in him, as does the Cádiz CF manager, Sergio González. But the one who is not completely sure about the execution of the operation is nothing more and nothing less than Turki Al-Sheikh.

The president and owner of the Almeria He expressed his opinion regarding the signing of Ledesma, and argued that his numbers do not convince him. During last season, the gaucho made saves in 34 games, where he conceded 48 goals, and in 12 he left the goal in zero. On the other hand, the Arab sheikh has brought with him an alternative that the Valencian coach is beginning to like.

Ledesma Almeria
The owner of Almería prefers the option of Luis Maximiano for his goal.

Ledesma’s alternative in Almería saves in Italy and is known in Granada CF

The reports that Al-sheikh has in his office come from Granada CF, as it was the last club in Spain where Luís Maximiano played. The excellently billed Portuguese goalkeeper is hooked on ostracism by SS Lazio, who signed him in the summer market last year. Only in 6 games, 1 of which was in Serie A, was the former Sporting Lisboa able to act.

It is clear that the Portuguese goalkeeper is not having a good time in the Roman team, and has the intention of leaving the Olímpico in Rome. Added to this, the president of Almería wants him in his team, since his characteristics and his past in the Nasrid club, end up convincing him. However, the Italian team will not let it go so easily, as they paid significant money in the previous market.

The same thing that Lazio paid for Maximiano, Almería will have to pay if they don’t want Ledesma

Maurizio Sarri has already stated that he has no problem signing the Portuguese goalkeeper out, if he continues to have Ivan Provedel. Likewise, he has two more options that provide him with security, who are: Marius Adamonis and Alessio Furlanetto. So the decision to transfer to the former Granada depends on the general and sports management of Lazio.

A message has reached the offices of Almería, and Turki Al-Sheikh already knows that he has to pay close to 10 million euros for Luis Maximiano. That was the same figure that the Biancocelesti team paid in July 2022, and they do not plan to lose a single euro. Thus, the debate is open if they continue the operation with the Portuguese or finally opt for Jeremías Ledesma.

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