Secret Invasion: The budget has been unveiled and… Watch your eyes

New Serie Marvel Disney+ which does not really seem to enjoy the critical success expected by fans, Secret Invasion has already unveiled its fourth episode today. This political thriller with the highlighting of Nick Fury (Samuel L.Jackson) in the central role has already delivered some surprises, in particular with the surprising death of a major secondary character of the universe Marvel.

For the moment, the project does not seem to seduce anyone, as evidenced by the pitiful score of 61% positive reviews on the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. But the magazine Forbes unveiled a piece of news that could cause a lot of ink to flow: the official budget of Secret Invasion is kept known. And the series would have cost, according to the magazine, the trifle of $211.6 million.

It is one of the most expensive series of Disney+far ahead of its counterparts in mcu as The Falcon and The Winter Soldier And Loki (150 million) and a little below Wanda Vision (225 million).

Secret Invasion Episode 4 is now live on Disney+

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