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Second Russian vaccine is as effective as its Russian analogues, according to Véktor

Segunda vacuna rusa es tan eficaz como sus análogas rusas, según Véktor

The second Russian anticovid vaccine, EpiVacCorona, has an immunological and protective effectiveness against the coronavirus similar to its Russian analogues, the Véktor center, developer of this preparation, reported today.

"The general data on coronavirus infections after the inoculation of this drug in all Russian regions prove that EpiVacCorona guarantees a level of protection comparable to other Russian vaccines"said the center, cited by Interfax.

According to Véktor, "the results of the first two phases of clinical studies prove the high immunological effectiveness of the vaccine; Antibodies were detected in all volunteers that were inoculated that were maintained for at least half a year after being vaccinated.".

"This fully corresponds to the interval proposed by the Ministry of Health for revaccination"He added, noting that this entity is dedicated to keeping the statistics of infections among people vaccinated with drugs registered in Russia.

Last September the deputy director of Véktor, Tatiana Nepómniaschij, reported that less than 1% of people vaccinated with EpiVacCorona have become ill with covid-19.

Currently, the center added, 12,459,030 doses of this vaccine have been created, of which 9,241,740 million have been administered.

EpiVacCorona was registered in Russia in October 2020 and since the beginning of 2021 it is used for mass vaccination.

The preparation, the second vaccine registered in Russia after Sputnik V, is administered in two doses and generates the necessary amount of antibodies 42 days after the first injection.

In Russia there are five registered anticovid vaccines: Sputnik V, Sputnik Light, EpiVacCorona, EpiVacCorona-N and CoviVac.

Despite being the first country to announce the creation of a vaccine, the Russians have been reluctant to inoculate themselves, for which the authorities have been forced to decree the mandatory vaccination of some sectors of the population and impose restrictions that force the vaccination, such as QR codes or the mandatory PCR to access certain services.

According to health authorities, 56.8 million Russians have received at least one dose of the vaccine and about 51 million have the full regimen, representing 46.8% of the population.


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