The Santo Domingo Este City Council held an auction where 22 scrap vehicles owned by the institution that were in disuse were sold.

The vehicles were awarded to Mr. Javier Guzmán Jiménez, one of the owners of the metal company Hermanos Guzmán “Los Cacones de Cotuí”, acquiring a total of 250 tons of scrap metal at a cost of RD$15,000 each, for a total of RD$3 million. 750 thousand.

The process was carried out at the Department of Equipment and Transportation of the City Council (Station III), where the bidders presented themselves, leaving Mr. Guzmán Jiménez as the highest bidder, by meeting the requirements established by the institution in the specifications.

Guzmán Jiménez, who has been participating in auctions for more than 15 years, said that he is not afraid of these processes, since when it is not beneficial in one, he can recover the loss in others.

On her side, the legal director of the City Council, Belkis Estrella, maintained that they strictly complied with the legal requirements to carry out the auction, with the aim of enabling the land where these vehicles were located.

The winner of the auction was given a period of 15 business days to remove the scrap metal from the land where it is located, at the facilities of the institution’s Transportation Directorate, located in the Los Mameyes sector, Santo Domingo Este.

The event was witnessed by the secretary general of the City Council, Jehimy Núñez, the comptroller Pascual Disla, the legal firm Belkis Estrella, as well as Carolina Mota Durán and Neri Elauterio Martínez Ortiz.




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