SDE City Council and Fundación AES Dominicana inaugurate municipal system of musical bands

Santo Domingo Este City Council and the AES Dominicana Foundation They inaugurated this Saturday the first Municipal System of Music Bands in the Dominican Republic, in which more than 400 children and young people from the different neighborhoods and sectors of the most populous municipality in the country will begin to train immediately.

The schools of the new system have a professional teaching staff and will begin to operate in Los Tres Brazos, Calero, Villa Duarte, Los Molinos, Los Frailes, Villa Faro, San Luis, Los Frailes II and at the Parada de la Cultura, in front of the Parque del Este, and will offer free flute, saxophone, trumpet, guitar, clarinet, piano, bongo, among other instruments classes to children and young people. Fathers and mothers will be able to register boys and girls from the age of 8 after participating in the corresponding auditions.

The inauguration ceremony of the system was celebrated in the classrooms installed in the Parada de la Cultura, with the presence of the mayor of Santo Domingo Este, Manuel Jiménez, the vice president of the AES Dominicana Foundation, Bredyg Disla; as well as executives from the local government and the non-profit organization.

“We are working to build a city with identity, culture and development opportunities for all expressions of human talent. Starting today, the boys and girls from the neighborhoods of Santo Domingo Este will have space to learn, create and expand the best music of our country and the world. That is what our proposal for a Just and Creative City is all about,” declared Mayor Manuel Jiménez as he left the system inaugurated.

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Disla on behalf of the AES Dominicana Foundation, on behalf of Edwin De los Santos, president of said entity, indicated that “today is a very special day in which we formally open a space that is born from the commitment of the AES Dominicana Foundation for contribute to the cultural development of the country, through its greatest asset, children and young people. Giving them the opportunity to learn is giving the country a better future.”

The Santo Domingo Municipal Music Band System This is the result of an agreement between the foundation and the City Council, and will be coordinated by the City Council’s Director of Culture, Guillermo Martínez.

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