SD Concerts promises to restore the Olympic Stadium ground

SD Concerts promete restaurar el terreno del Estadio Olímpico

SD Concerts, production company of the family show Monster Jamreiterated this Monday that the field of the Félix Sánchez Olympic Stadium will be completely renovated, as had been planned before the event in an agreement between the production and the administration of the venue.

“Since we began planning the event, we committed to protecting the facilities, said Saymon Díaz, president of SD Concerts. “It was stipulated in the rental by the Ministry of Sports and the Dominican Football Federation (Fedofutbol), that we guaranteed the installation of a new grass after the events in the Stadium, with a delivery date and we are working on it,” he explained.

The businessman also commented that out of gratitude for the permission granted to use the Olympic Stadium facilities for several concerts he had promised to change the grass, regardless of whether it was in good shape or not.

“We are working on a plan to renovate other areas there, such as the bathrooms and seats, which we have been putting together for months,” he said. Likewise, Díaz stressed that it is part of the logistics of your company Maintain the leased facilities for the national and international events of its production company in the Dominican Republic in perfect condition, which entails a protocol and time for organization and disassembly of each event and, subsequently, the total restoration of the spaces. “It is part of our commitment to keep the spaces in the best conditions. Through our events we seek to contribute to culture, sports and the development of activities for all types of audiences. Monster Jam is a family-friendly show that was enjoyed by all present, and we are deeply sorry for the confusions regarding the field’s repair time,” he concluded. He also emphasized that the mystique of his mother company, which is SD Concerts, is to maintain the environmental protection policy, as has been seen in each of the concerts presented.

At the beginning of October, in a meeting with the Vice Minister of Sports, Franklin de la Mota, the president of the Dominican Football Federation (Fedofutbol), Rubén García, thanked the organizing company SD Concerts for their commitment to follow the guidelines to collaborate with the extreme care of the stadium and carry out a safe assembly of Monster Jam.


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