Screw found in a Haribo bag: the results of the internal investigation revealed

On August 29, a customer had the unpleasant surprise of discovering a screw in a piece of wood inside her packet of Haribo Croco candies. The internal investigation concluded that this was a human error.

The facts took place in a Franprix supermarket located in Joinville-le-Pont (Val-de-Marne), had reported The Parisian.

Shocked, the customer then contacted consumer service and the path of the packet of candies was traced using her batch number. The investigation was taken very seriously by the confectionery brand which affirmed, in comments repeated by Capital, that “the probability of such an anomaly is extremely low”.

A parcel of sweets as compensation

The company finally told Le Parisien that it was a “test bag containing a control strip” which was probably “put back by mistake on the production line”. The bad find of the Ile-de-France client is therefore the result of human error, Haribo confided.

To be forgiven, the brand decided to send a package of candies to the customer.

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