Scratch game: his 5-euro ticket saves him 500,000 euros

A damn effective investment. And a huge chance. A player passing through Corrèze had the good idea to stop at a tobacco bar in Brive-la-Gaillarde to buy a X20 scratch ticket, at 5 euros. He won in return 500,000 euros.

This is the maximum gain to be pocketed with this scratch card, welcomed the manager of the business where the purchase was made.

A good performance, therefore, for the winner, especially since only two tickets allowing to reach such a sum exist, out of a total prize of six million. What better way to realize how lucky it was to stop by chance at the right tobacconist and buy the right box.

The happy owner of the 500,000 euros then validated his ticket in a region other than Nouvelle-Aquitaine, explains Progress. The manager of the tobacco bar (the “Saint-Claude”) nevertheless obtained confirmation at the beginning of the week that her establishment is indeed the one from which the winning ticket came.

The X20 game, from La Française des Jeux’s Illiko range, consists of scratching banknotes in order to discover numbers and multiplier symbols.

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