Scotland: Students are required to wear skirts to promote equality

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Scotland’s primary school has asked male teachers and students to wear skirts like girls to promote equality, which has drawn strong criticism.

According to Russian TV channel RT, Castle View Primary School in Edinburgh sent an email to the parents on November 4 stating that the move was aimed at spreading the message that “clothes have no gender”. ”.

The email cited a similar campaign in Spain, in which male teachers and children wearing skirts expressed solidarity with a male student who was expelled last year for wearing a skirt.

The school said it wanted all students and teachers who “feel comfortable doing so” to attend, and the school offered to provide skirts.

In a tweet, the school said it would now celebrate Skirt Wearing Day at the school on November 4 each year.

According to the Daily Mail, after the school’s e-mail, one woman criticized the first, saying “children should be left alone”, while another said that the e-mail was not very proud and hoped that the school would Will not force

Similarly, while the move was criticized on social media, the move to wear a skirt was also appreciated.


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