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Scotland: Scotland won the heart, women will get the goods related to ‘periods’ for free, becoming the first country in the world to do so

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Scotland Free Period Products


  • Menstrual goods become free in Scotland
  • Women will get free sanitary pads
  • Bill passed unanimously in 2020

Scotland Free Period Products: In Scotland, a law to make menstrual products available for free has come into force. The Scottish government has announced that it has become the first government in the world to legally protect the right to free access to menstrual products, as soon as the ‘Period Products Act’ comes into force. Under this new law, it has become mandatory for schools, colleges and universities and local government bodies to provide various menstrual products, including tampons and sanitary napkins, in their toilets.

The Scottish government has already spent millions since 2017 to make menstrual products available to educational institutions free of charge, but this has now become a legal requirement since the law came into force. In addition, a mobile phone application has also been provided to help locate the nearest location, such as a local library or community centre, to purchase menstrual products. Scotland’s Minister of Social Justice Shona Robison said: “Providing free menstrual products is vital to equality and dignity and removes the financial barrier to access to these products.”

Bill was passed in 2020

The bill was passed unanimously in 2020. Let us tell you that the coming of periods on time has become a matter of challenge for women of every age these days. During this, where women endure from mood swings to abdominal pain, and in such a situation, heavy bleeding also increases their problems. Many girls and even older women are also troubled by the problem of heavy bleeding during periods and during this time there is weakness in their body. The problem gets aggravated when she is unable to use the items used during this period due to lack of money and uses the clothes present in the house, which later causes infection.

Financial burden on women increased

According to a BBC report, a woman has narrated her story. A woman named Shauna Gauntlett says she is struggling with period poverty after the birth of her first son. That is, she does not have money to buy the goods used in menstruation. She told BBC Scotland that sanitary products have become a financial burden due to health problems after giving birth. “No one tells you exactly what happens when you give birth, what’s normal,” he said. However, now this scheme of the government will benefit all the women like Shauna.

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