Scotland once again weighed in on independence from Britain

Edinburgh: Scotland has announced a referendum on secession from Britain.

According to media reports, the First Minister of Scotland has announced a referendum on secession from Britain by the end of 2012.

Nicolas Sturgeon says secession from the United Kingdom is part of his agenda but will not be discussed in Parliament this year.

The Scottish Prime Minister said that if we had the opportunity during the Corona, we could hold a referendum by the end of the year 2323.

It should be noted that the movement for independence from Britain is currently at its historic height in Scotland.

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It may be recalled that in the previous referendum held in 2014, 55% of Scots voted for the United Kingdom while 45% voted in favor of secession.

After 2014, 62% of Scottish people voted in favor of staying in the EU, compared to 38% in 2016.


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