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  • Scientists have discovered a new earth five times bigger
  • The possibility of life increased with the sign of water on the new earth
  • Know complete information about Earth

Scientists discovered new earth: The discovery of the possibility of life on a planet other than Earth for hundreds of years now seems to be coming true. Actually scientists have now discovered another earth. This planet is more than five times bigger than the present Earth. Here scientists have also got strong signs of having water. This discovery of scientists has created a new curiosity in the whole world. Is it to be believed that now that the discovery of scientists has been completed, in which till now the search for the possibilities of life in any place other than the earth was going on, will this new earth be able to be used by humans of the existing earth in some way. Will some people shift to the new earth after getting other favorable conditions of living including drinking water, etc. There are many such questions which are in the mind of the people. Let us first tell you how and where scientists have discovered this new earth.

According to researchers from the University of Montreal, Canada, they have discovered another planet similar to Earth. Which is said to be five times bigger in size than the present Earth. There have also been signs of a lot of water in here. This has increased the enthusiasm of scientists to gather more information about this planet. Scientists have named this new planet as TOI, 1452-B. Researchers also told that this earth has not one but two suns. One of which also revolves around this earth. Its mass is more than five times the mass of Earth.

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The planet is 100 light years away from Earth

Scientists have told the distance of this new planet from Earth to be 100 light years. Which is very far away from the present earth. This planet is very similar to Earth. That’s why scientists are calling it big earth. Here also the possibility of life has increased, because water has been indicated to be the most essential for living on this earth.

NASA has also claimed to find new earth 37 light years away

Just a few days ago, NASA also claimed to find another planet like Earth. It was reported to be four times larger than the present Earth and 37 light years away. Scientists named it the exoplanet Ross 508 b. Here one year is equal to 11 days. Whereas on earth there are 365 days in a year. Now scientists are doing more research on the possibilities of life here.

how is the current earth

The earth on which we are living, do you know about its full form, if not, then let us tell you….. it is the third planet from the sun in the solar system. 71 percent of it is covered by water and 29 percent by land. The origin of the Earth is believed to be 4.54 billion years ago. According to scientists, the development of life on earth has happened from the ocean to the land. Thousands of species became extinct here and thousands of new ones were born. Its atmosphere has many layers. It is rich in nitrogen and oxygen. There is also a layer of ozone gas in the atmosphere which prevents the ultraviolet rays of the sun from coming directly to the earth. That is why it is possible to live life here.

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