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Scientists create ‘UltraRAM’, a fusion of RAM and storage

If you like technology, you certainly know the difference between RAM and storage.

While it’s true that RAM and SSDs use similar types of storage, flash memory is used in very different ways.

THE RAM memory computers require constant power to keep data in memory, and if the power goes out, the data will disappear. RAM is used to access necessary information quickly, but not permanently.

THE store which is used to save data permanently can keep the stored data even when the power is cut off. This type of storage is called “non-volatile”.

While it is possible to use non-volatile storage for the same types of tasks as RAM, the lower speed makes it impractical for most applications. As soon as, for now, storage and memory are two separate parts that perform different functions.

Five UK physicists they developed one new generation memory, non-volatile and long-lasting for persistent data storage, yet fast enough to be used for random access (RAM) tasks.

Using a new technology called InAs quantum wells and AlSb barriers, the researchers proposed a theory for the “UltraRAM” which could overcome the limitation of persistent storage to be used for fast read and write tasks.

The application of these techniques could create memory storage devices and “all in one”.

Although the team of scientists performed experiments to demonstrate some basic principles in action, UltraRAM remains, for the moment, something quite theoretical.

It’s impossible to predict when this universal memory and storage solution might reach consumer devices, but the truth is, it’s an interesting concept.



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