Scientists create synthetic human embryos with stem cells without eggs or sperm

A team of scientists has created synthetic human embryos using stem cells, without the need to resort to eggs or sperm, a revolutionary advance that could potentially help in the investigation of genetic disorders.

According to the British newspaper The Guardian on Thursday, it is an innovative step forward in science and research that raises, however, at the same time, ethical dilemmas and legal problems.

Experts from the United Kingdom and the United States indicate that these model embryos, which resemble those found in the earliest stages of human development, could provide, for example, a “crucial window” into the biological causes of recurrent miscarriages.

These structures do not have a beating heart or the beginning of a brain, although they do include cells that would typically go on to form the placenta, yolk sac, and the embryo itself.

“We can create models similar to human embryos by reprogramming cells,” says Professor Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz, from the California Institute of Technology (United States) in an intervention carried out within the framework of an annual congress in Boston of the International Society for Stem Cell Research.

According to this, there is now no short-term prospect that these synthetic embryos will be used clinically and it would be illegal to implant them into a patient’s uterus.

It is also not yet clear whether these structures have the potential to continue to mature beyond the earliest phases of development.

In another appearance at the conference, Robin Lovell-Badge, head of stem cell biology and developmental genetics at the Francis Crick Institute (London), said that “the idea is that if we use stem cells to really model normal embryonic development human, you can get a lot of information about how we start development, what can go wrong, without having to use early-stage embryos for research.”

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