There is an experience that allows us to fly like Superman over oceans, jungles and even volcanoes: these are the most spectacular zip lines in the world

Gravity pulls us towards the center of the planet, that is, downwards. One of the most interesting things we can do is divert that force to move through space, which is exactly what happens when we go downhill, or slide down, or fly on a zip line.

The name of the zip line refers to the Alpine region of Tyrol, between Austria and Italy, where in German it is called Seilrutsche (sliding rope). A cable with a certain slope or slope is stretched between two distant points. One or more people can slide along the cable using a pulley and, depending on the length and slope, dizzying speeds can be reached. It’s the closest you can get to flying safely.

These are some of the most impressive ziplines in the world:

Jebel Jays, United Arab Emirates

Jabel Jais is the longest race in the world, located in the mountainous desert of Ras Al Khaimah (United Arab Emirates). It holds the Guinness World Record with a length of 2.8 kilometers, or 31 football fields, and speeds approaching 150 km per hour are reached.

Dragon’s Breath, Haiti

The Dragon’s Breath Flight Line at the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line resort in Labadee, Haiti, is the world’s longest line over water. It is 790 meters above the water and those who slide through it reach speeds of 80 km/h before landing on the beach.

Big Zip, United States

The Big Zip at Summit Bechtel Reserve, a Boy Scout adventure camp in West Virginia, USA, is a 1,000-meter-long zipline accessible during summer camps or the annual National Jamboree.

zip brochure nepal

In the heart of Nepal’s Himalayas is Zipflyer at the HighGrounds adventure park. It is the tallest and steepest zip line in the world. It is also considered the most extreme, with a vertical drop of over 600 meters.

Mega Zips, United States

Mega Zips is the world’s only fully underground zipline tour. It is built inside a 40-acre cave located in Louisville, Kentucky.

Sky Trek, Costa Rica

The zip lines in this park are not the tallest, nor the longest, but the multi-cable route passes close to an active volcano and through jungles full of monkeys, which certainly makes them the most exciting.

Speed ​​2, UK

This zipline is located in Bethesda, Wales and is the fastest in the world. He runs horizontally, like Superman, past a slate quarry and a deep blue lake, with top speeds of over 100 mph.

Zipline Pisuerga, Valladolid, Spain

This is the longest zip line in Spain and one of the longest in Europe. It is located in the town of Cabezón de Pisuerga and is 1,300 meters long, reaching speeds of over 125 kilometers per hour and a height of up to 150 meters.

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