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Science Trips – The 5 most important smart buildings in the world

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Smart buildings are the perfect combination of architecture, engineering and technology to achieve sustainable, efficient and comfortable buildings.

Artificial intelligence does not only work with texts and images. It also has a lot to do with brick. Thanks to the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) systems, intelligent buildings (smart buildings) achieve more efficient use of energy and resources such as electricity and water. These and also offer better control and maintenance of your infrastructures. Here are the five most important smart buildings in the world:

The Edge, Amsterdam, Holland

The Edge, opened in 2014, is recognized as one of the most sustainable office buildings in the world. Constructed by real estate company OVG, the building uses a variety of sensors connected to a central network that monitors everything from energy use to room occupancy. Its advanced design includes solar panels on the roofs and facades and a rainwater harvesting system used for toilets and irrigation. In addition, intelligent LED lighting automatically adjusts depending on natural light and people’s movement, significantly saving energy consumption.

Burj Khalifa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Burj Khalifa, opened in 2010, is not just the tallest building in the world, it’s also one of the smartest. Despite its size, it has incorporated a number of smart and eco-friendly features. It uses a system to collect condensed water from its cooling systems to irrigate the gardens around the building, recycling around 15 million liters of water a year. The lighting and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are all automated and regulated by AI to optimize energy consumption.

One Albert Quay, Cork, Ireland

One Albert Quay, opened in 2016, has been named the smartest office building in Ireland. It combines several intelligent building features such as lighting, heating and air conditioning control through a centralized user interface and a building management system that reduces energy consumption and improves occupant comfort. In addition, it has a double facade that improves thermal and acoustic insulation, reducing the use of energy for heating and cooling.

Shanghai Tower, Shanghai, China

The Shanghai Tower, opened in 2015, is one of the tallest and greenest skyscrapers in the world. It incorporates several smart building features, such as wind turbines on its roof to generate power, a double facade system that reduces heating and cooling loads, and an intelligent lighting system that automatically adjusts based on daylight conditions. In addition, it uses a geothermal heating and cooling system that reduces its dependence on non-renewable energy sources. AI plays an important role in managing and monitoring these systems, as well as optimizing the building’s high-speed elevators.

Salesforce Tower, San Francisco, United States

The Salesforce Tower, which opened in 2018, is the tallest building in San Francisco and one of the leading examples of smart buildings. The building is equipped with an on-site wastewater plant that treats and reuses black water for the cooling system and toilets, saving millions of gallons of potable water each year. Its heating and cooling system uses outside air to cool and ventilate the building when conditions permit, thus reducing the use of air conditioning. In addition, the building is equipped with a sensor network that collects occupancy, light, temperature and air quality data, which is analyzed by an AI system to adjust building operations and improve efficiency and comfort.

Smart buildings represent the future of architecture and construction, with a focus on energy efficiency, sustainability and occupant comfort. Integrating AI into these buildings not only allows for more efficient use of resources, it can also improve the quality of life for the people who occupy them.

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