School closed due to corona virus!

Riyadh: Several private schools in Saudi Arabia have been closed due to the Corona crisis.

According to Arab media reports, many private nurseries and schools in the country were closed due to the situation arising out of Code 19 because educational activities were suspended.

Dr. Fahd Hamad bin Yamin, deputy head of the private education committee, said 1,800 nurseries and 600 private schools had been closed so far because of the Corona crisis.

He said that with the resumption of educational activities, the school sector would develop again. Private schools and nurseries have been affected for the last two years due to Corona. Now is the time to help them.

The deputy head of the education committee said that in addition to the reduction in fees for foreign students, the value added tax should also be reduced so that the sector could flourish again.

“The number of students has also come down due to Code 19. We need to set up separate supervisory bodies for the promotion of private schools,” he added.


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