the future of Patrick Schick It seems that it will continue to be linked in the Bayer Leverkusen since the club is not willing to listen to offers for him, in fact, they have marked him as non-transferable. The season of the Czech striker in the German team is being to frame since he has become one of the great scorers in the Bundesliga, in fact, there is talk that he would have raised the radar of many greats in Europe.

Given the rumors that have arisen regarding the future of his striker, Fernando Carro, general director of the German team, has confirmed that they will not listen to any proposal by the Czech striker in this transfer market, the intention is that he stay much longer time so it declares it as non-transferable. Patrik Schick seems to have finally found his place in the world of football in the Bundesliga, after going through several teams and his wish would also be linked to Bayer.

Has suitors in the big leagues

patrick schick He has returned to his best level, in fact, we can assure you that he has surpassed him at Bayer Leverkusen and as we say, this has put him back in the orbit of many great clubs. In recent months teams like Manchester United, West Ham, Paris Saint-Germain or FC Barcelona would have been interested in getting their services, but now all of them will have to look for another objective since the Teutonic team is not going to sit down to negotiate with anyone .


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