Scarlett Johansson affair: The actress had proposed an amicable agreement with Disney before everything degenerated

The case Scarlett johansson has turned the world cinema industry upside down. Disney decided a few months ago to adopt the same operation as Warner with HBO Max, that is to say to release the films at the same time in the cinema but also in premium access on Disney +. Thus, some feature films like Artemis Fowl and Mulan were totally sacrificed and others like Black widow were available on Disney + at the same time as their cinema release. This exit method will have lost almost $ 50 million in revenue to the actress who will not be prayed for to initiate heavy legal proceedings against Disney.

While it has a lot of support from the film industry, whether from directors like Denis Villeneuve (which has the same dispute with Warner for “Dune”) or actresses (like Emily Blunt and Emma Stone), it also has detractors from public opinion.

Nevertheless, IGN reveals that the actress, through her lawyers, tried to strike a deal with Disney to end the dispute. The sum of $ 100 million was mentioned to find a compromise but Disney turned a deaf ear, causing the anger of the actress who will then have started the process to sue the firm with big ears.

According to the Wall Street Journal: “The calculation was made on the basis of what the star would have received in a hypothetical worldwide box office of $ 1.2 billion”

Disney would not have responded to this offer, nor issued a counter-proposal. It’s a safe bet that the media boom around this affair must make the American giant regret not having chosen to resolve the problem internally …

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