Forward Sebastián Villa was denounced for gender-based violence, in a case labeled sexual abuse and attempted murder in an event that occurred in June 2021, and shook the La Ribera entity in the run-up to the semifinal of the Copa de la Professional League.

The complaint was made by a woman who had a relationship in the past with the Colombian and in it she assured: “The accused began to abuse me, hitting me a few times, and covering my mouth with his hand, at which time I made some scratches from wanting to get out of that situation.

The complainant approached the Lomas de Zamora prosecutor’s office and her lawyer, Roberto Castillo, explained: “She is a girl who came to the studio after suffering sexual abuse, injuries that in my opinion are serious, but later the prosecution will have to give them a picture legal and a conduct that we believe could be squared as an attempted homicide because it had the objective of sexually abusing her”.

According to what the victim’s testimony says, her relationship with Villa began two years ago: “I met him at the beginning of the year 2020, and from the day we began to frequent each other regularly, sharing different kinds of situations, lunches, dinners, etc. , which allowed him to meet his closest circle, such as family, friends and colleagues from his football club”.

The day of the denounced event was June 26, 2021, in which he assures that the Boca striker was with the denouncer Barrio Cerrado close to where he was living in the town of Ezeiza, to be part of a barbecue in where several teammates from the Boca Juniors team were.

On that day, the victim affirms that the Colombian would have ingested a significant amount of alcohol and made him a scene of jealousy by blaming her for maintaining a relationship with one of his teammates, whose name was not disclosed.

After leaving the meeting, the couple went to Villa’s home located in the town of Canning, Esteban Echeverría district, and the worst began: “He was caressing me on the face, when suddenly he became violent, he squeezed me with he forces his jaw and the back of his neck, he slaps me in the face and tells me “did you like my classmates?”.

Immediately afterwards, the complainant wanted to remove the soccer player’s house and things got worse since she assured that “it could” kill her: “While he told me to stop the nonsense and not to go, applying greater intensity he threw me on the bed, He partially took off my pants -not all-, he lowered his boxers a little, not all- and began to penetrate me violently with his member”.

“While I was trying to free myself by desperately waving my arms and slapping at the body. But he kept raping me and told me “you liked being with (…)” (saying the name of the clubmate) is that what you wanted?” the complainant.

This complaint that fully impacts Boca is added to the one that Villa had in 2020, when the “Xeneize” player was accused of gender-based violence by his ex-wife, Daniela Cortés, who even assured: “I lost a pregnancy because of his blows” .

In June 2021, this case was raised to oral trial, after Javier Maffucci Moore, judge of guarantees of Lomas de Zamora, considered that there is sufficient evidence against him.


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