Scams continue through social networks in the Cibao

Complaints from people who are victims of scams and extortion through social networks continue to increase, calling the attention of the police authorities, the Public Ministry and other state security agencies.

The deceptions are diverse and manifest themselves in different manifestations, say the authorities.

They take away RD$420 thousand
The merchant Andrés Pérez Rodríguez, owner of the well-known business Danilo Super Frías from the Bella Vista sector, said he was swindled out of the sum of RD$420,000 by a subject who identified himself as Luis, who bought 450 cases of beer from his business.

Likewise, he clarified that his business is the only one in the area that, in addition to being detailed, sells wholesale drinks and that the individual approached him through a neighbor.

“We talked, we tried, I gave him my bank account number and my identity card and then he sent me a voucher (proof) by WhatsApp, from a bank in Santiago in which he stated that he had deposited 420 thousand pesos in cash,” he said. .

Interviewed on the Reyes Noticias program, Pérez Rodríguez narrates that he noticed that the bank receipt was real and that he agreed to send her the beers, which sent other people to look for her in a truck.

your surprise
The merchant stated that the next day, when visiting the bank to make a withdrawal, he determined that the RD$420,000 that the scammer had supposedly deposited was missing.

He added that he contacted the bank’s management, which began an investigation process, to see his latest transactions. With nostalgia, he says that several days later they called him to inform him that he had no recent transactions.

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Through research it was found that the “cyber scammer”, he wrote a check from another bank based in Santiago, which turned out to be false and on which his names, surnames, an altered signature and his ID number were written.

“The bank called me to tell me that the check was false, but I did not see that check, I never signed it, it is true I gave him my ID number and my bank account so that he could deposit the money in cash through the WhatsApp social network ”, he proclaimed.

The businessman specified that everything indicates that it is a another victim of criminal networks that operate through social networks and urges other people without social and economic status to take precautionary measures so that the same thing does not happen to him.

His case is not the only one, because other merchants have denounced that they have been victims of scams, after strangers have verified them through social networks.

Another case.
The owner of a grocery store in Cienfuegos denounced that an individual found him on Facebook offering him 30 cases of beer and that he would give him three.

The owner, seeing that the business suited him, told him to stop by his business so they could talk. The individual walked past another and they agreed to close the deal.

Then he showed up in a yellow Sonata with the cases of beer and that he bought them.

Customers refused the beers claiming that they were salty and did not taste of alcohol and later found that they sold him salted water in beer bottles.

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