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Scammers pose as Crypto Twitter users

Scammers have wasted no time since the launch of Meta’s new microblogging app, with several high-profile Crypto Twitter users already warning about impostor accounts on Threads.

Almost 100 million accounts already

‘Threads’ was officially launched on July 5 and has already registered more than 98 million accounts. While this is a good start, it is currently well short of Twitter’s estimated 450 million users.

However, to stop scammers turns out to be difficult. For example, in recent days several Crypto Twitter figures have pointed to fake accounts on Threads that, among other things, pose as others.

On July 8, decentralized finance platform Wombex Finance tweeted an image of a Threads account posing as someone else and then warned that it could be a scammer because the project is not listed on the platform.

Warnings have been issued

Several others have already issued a warning to their Twitter followers. This includes NFT influencer ‘Leonidas’, who has indicated that several large NFT accounts on Twitter are now being boosted by scammers on Threads.

Jeffrey Huang, known on Twitter as Machi Big Brother, tweeted his Threads profile on July 6, with one user pointing out that there was already a Threads account posing as his Twitter persona.

For years, Twitter has been a hugely popular conduit for crypto-phishing scammers, whose common tactic is to hack into the Twitter accounts of well-known people and companies and post malicious links.

Such links usually attempt to trick unwitting targets into either sharing their crypto exchange login, a crypto wallet seed phrase or getting them to connect a wallet with a crypto exhaustive smart contract.

This method turns out to be very successful as a lock, because in the first half of this year hackers already managed to steal approximately $ 108 million in such a way.

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