Scammers Arrested After Attempting to Defraud Woman by Demanding Cash in Container Sting

Scam Attempt Foiled: Argentine Arrested for Trying to Defraud Woman

Police Crack Down on Fraudulent Scheme

In a daring attempt to scam a woman, a 34-year-old Argentine was arrested by the San José de Mayo Police. The suspect, who was staying at a local hotel, tried to deceive the victim by claiming to be her grandson who had been kidnapped.

The Scheme Unfolds

The woman received a call from an unknown person claiming to be her grandson, stating that he had been kidnapped and needed her to deliver money and jewelry for his release. The agreement was to leave the items next to a container, but before doing so, the woman contacted the police. Officers arrived at the scene and found the suspect lifting the bag.

Seized Items and Sentence

The police seized a delivery man’s backpack, 48,000 pesos, and $500, as well as several cell phone chips, a boat ticket, and a motorcycle found in the suspect’s hotel room. The Argentine was sentenced to seven months’ probation for two crimes of fraud, one of which was especially aggravated and the other in the degree of attempt, as co-author.

Authorities Praise Quick Action

The Interior Ministry praised the swift action taken by the police, which prevented the suspect from carrying out the scam and ensured the safety of the victim. The arrest serves as a reminder of the importance of being vigilant and reporting suspicious activity to the authorities.

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