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Scalpers on a collision course: DDR5 RAM price on eBay jumped to $ 2500

The DDR5 shortage is potentially as annoying as the graphics card shortage, which, as Tom’s Hardware has mapped, means that some 32GB kits are now selling for $ 2,500 on eBay. One small consolation is that more forgiving resellers offer memory kits for “only” double or triple the manufacturer’s recommended price. Fortunately, only Intel’s 12th Gen Alder Lake processors currently use DDR5, but early adopters of this CPU for gaming seem to be equally happy with good DDR4.

The transition from motherboard to memory voltage regulation is both a blessing and a curse for DDR5. It’s great to have a Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC) in the module itself as it not only improves voltage regulation but also provides other functions like threshold protection and power management. The problem, however, is that PMIC plays such a crucial role in DDR5 that DDR5 cannot be produced without PMIC. And that’s basically what is happening right now.

The global shortage of PMICs has left memory manufacturers in dire straits – they have the ICs available, but not the PMICs to complete production. Major vendors have confirmed to Tom’s Hardware that PMIC shortages and extended lead times have affected the availability of DDR5. One manufacturer has even told the site that it currently has no stock of DDR5 and that the next run won’t be until next month. Unfortunately, you only expect 300 units for the global market.

Alder Lake officially went on sale on October 27, as did many DDR5 memory kits. However, the supply was very limited as many memory kits sold out immediately and were no longer for sale. Resellers immediately took advantage of the DDR5 memory shortage and started building eBay listings for ridiculous amounts of money.

The sad thing, however, is not just that the only DDR5 memory kits on the market are proving out of reach, but rather the fact that some consumers are simply paying these kinds of prices. According to a screenshot from eBay’s Terapeak tool, merchants have traded in up to 15 DDR5 kits in the past week with retail prices ranging from $ 1,099 to $ 2,500.

The first DDR5 memory modules used Renesas PMICs. Once more manufacturers like Richtek and Amtek join, there should be a steady supply of PMICs. Since then, Samsung has announced that it will produce PMICs for its own DDR5 products.

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