Scaloni: "These players will never let us down"

The Argentine coach, Lionel Scaloni, highlighted on Wednesday the dedication and predisposition of his players, in the preview of Thursday’s game against Peru, on a new day of the South American Qualifiers towards the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

“These players will never let us down, there will be more complicated games and better ones but we will give everything. The important thing is that people feel identified and the result is a consequence of that,” said the DT in the virtual press conference via Zoom . In that sense, Scaloni appreciated the praise that the team has been receiving, such as Sergio Hernández, former coach of the Argentine basketball team, or Diego Simeone, coach of Atlético Madrid.

“Any compliment from a coach like Sergio” Oveja “Hernández is valued. We try not to give anything up for lost, to get an identification with the fan and these players are the representation of them on the court,” Scaloni said. Hernández had said that the most important thing Scaloni’s team achieved is communion with the people. “What he is achieving is culture. The idea of ​​sitting down to watch a game knowing what we are going to see, that is success for me, more than winning games. Success is knowing in advance what you are going to find. That is culture ”, explained the Sheep.

In line with the evaluations from outside and the fury of the fans, Scaloni thanked Diego “Cholo” Simeone, who described the Argentine team as “a true team.” “When we just started our cycle we chatted with Diego and we loved his way of understanding football, we go along the same lines: commitment and teamwork. The most important thing is that, and if the players are good, everything improves. It makes me happy. the praise and I have great respect for him, “said the former midfielder.

In addition, although the coach avoided giving the initial team, everything indicates that there will be few variants. In that sense, the speculations are about the entry of Marcos Acuña by Nicolás Tagliafico on the left side, with the former Racing already recovered from his annoyance, and Ángel Di María by Nicolás González in the same band but in attack. Meanwhile, the doubt of Gonzalo Montiel or Nahuel Molina on the right side remains. “The team still can’t pass them on but almost everyone who has been playing in these games will be there, beyond any retouching we do,” he said.

And he explained: “We build the team based on what we need, not so much for individual performance. The idea is always the same and the idea is always to improve, it is not that we adapt based on who we play with. We try to take advantage of our strengths. without thinking about the potential damage that the rival could do to us. “

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Argentina adds 22 points and in the case of beating Peru on Thursday, from 8.30 pm at the Monumental Stadium, with the presence of 36 thousand fans, it will be close to the goal. Regarding the match, the DT analyzed: “Peru is a clear team, it plays ball well and has footballers with good footing, who are going to challenge us for possession. Beyond some casualties with which it will arrive, it is a team that He is not going to back down. It will be difficult. “

“It’s complicated, no matter where he is in the standings, he always made it difficult for us when we had to win to go to the World Cup. They keep that way of playing. It’s always difficult for us. He always tries to attack and doesn’t feel like getting behind. “continued the coach, who does not consider that his team has modified its structure too much. “We are the same as before, I do not think we have changed so much. We are on a clear line. First, if we qualify for the World Cup we will see how we are doing. I do not see how much time is left. The euphoria is very good and we know that we are on a good line”, He gave his opinion about the present of the selected one.

Beyond the match against Peru, Scaloni also referred to the future match against Brazil, which will take place at the San Juan Bicentennial Stadium. “River’s court is the grass that these guys have in Europe and if we have played in Brazil on every court for the Copa América, we can do it anywhere. In addition, the rest of the fields in the country are in good condition”, said the DT. “The match with Brazil will be at the San Juan Bicentennial Stadium, beyond the fact that we like River’s field for its grass, we believe that it is also fair to go to the Interior so that everyone can see the National Team,” he confirmed.

Finally, Scaloni reiterated that he awaits a resolution for the party suspended with Brazil on the sixth date by the local health personnel: “I still have no news about the game with Brazil, we are the victims of this and I do not know why we should give explanations. We have to wait for the resolutions, soon we will play in San Juan and we will be able to measure ourselves “.


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