Savic: “João and Morata? It’s a club thing, the dressing room is doing well”

As if it were a Champions League match, Simeone attended the media in the preview of Atlético-Manchester City accompanied by a footballer. The one chosen on this occasion was Savic, one of the captains, who also went through the citizen team and this Sunday he will have the challenge of stopping the European champion, with Haaland as a great threat.

What kind of friendship do you have with Mugosa, a Montenegrin who plays in Korea?

We are very close friends, we have been in the national team for more than 10 years. He came to the hotel to see me, we had a coffee and he tells me that he is very happy in Korea.

There are many casualties in defense.

We have several injured, hopefully they recover soon. Other boys arrived, we reinforced ourselves in defense. They will do very well, they have integrated very well and I hope they will do very well.

You went through Manchester City, is it a special game?

My intensity in the game is always the same, no matter the opponent. I played for City more than 10 years ago, it was a very good experience, I learned a lot that year, but I’ve been at Atlético for a long time and I’m very happy here.

What is the difference between Serie A, Premier and Spanish League?

Are very different. I first came to City from Serbia, it was a big change for me. I suffered a bit physically, I was 20 years old and the players are very physical. In Italy there are a lot of tactics, they are not as intense as in the Premier. The best football is played in Spain, all the teams play very well and have very offensive players, with one against one. I am happy to have participated in the three major European leagues.

How does the dressing room manage the uncertainty of João and Morata?

That has to be managed more by the club. We handled it well in the dressing room, we are happy because they are here and they are important players. We will see if they are this season or not. João now has a little discomfort and we hope he will recover soon.

Is it more than a preseason game without more?

It’s a good match, a great rival, winner of the Premier and Champions League. It will be very demanding for us and also for them. Will help us. We like these games.

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