Saudi Immigration Laws: Great convenience for foreigners with new changes

Several changes have been made in the Saudi immigration laws, which have made it easier for Iqama holders in the Kingdom, before Iqama holders faced a lot of difficulties.

In this regard, the Saudi media say that several changes have been made in the immigration laws of Saudi Arabia, according to which Iqama holders who have left the country on exit re-entry visas have been extended the period of their visas and Iqama. can go

Previously, such persons had to come to the country before the exit-re-entry period ended, and Iqama holders had to face a lot of difficulties.

A person discovered on Twitter that there are 25 days left in the period of Iqama, can the period of exit and promise be increased by 20 days?

Answering the question, Jujazat said that the extension of the period of exit and promise is done according to the period of Iqama. The minimum period of Iqama must be 90 days so that the period of exit and promise can be extended.

In order to extend the period of promise of exit, it is necessary to extend the period of residence first, after that the period of promise of exit can be extended.

It should be noted that a law has also been issued to extend the period of Iqama in phases, according to which Iqama can be renewed on a quarterly basis.

Phased number renewal facility is provided for three, six, nine or one year. This greatly benefits the expatriates who have gone abroad.

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The emigration period can be extended on a monthly basis, but it is mandatory that at least 90 days remain in the Iqama period.

In case the period of Iqama is less than 90 days, the first Iqama should be extended by three months, after that the period of exit and promise can be extended as required.

A person on Twitter of Juzaat inquired, ‘How long can a person who left for Nahai exit two months ago come back on another visa?

In response to the question, Juzaat said that under the immigration laws in the country, those foreigners who have obtained the final exit and are not subject to any legal restrictions can come to the country on other visas whenever they want.

Regarding the legal restriction, under the immigration law, foreigners who have been involved in a crime and have been convicted by a court of law, have been expelled from the country.

People who are deported for breaking the law are blacklisted for the kingdom, people who are blacklisted for the kingdom cannot re-enter Saudi Arabia on any visa.

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