Saudi Arabia’s important step to solve the Palestine problem

New York: After 20 years, the discussion on the Arab peace formula regarding the Palestine problem has started once again.

According to the details Members of the Arab Peace Process Committee and European peace sponsors gathered in New York on Wednesday for a round-table meeting to revive the Saudi-led Arab Peace Initiative.

Saudi Arabia, the European Union and the Arab League have decided to restart peace efforts for the Palestinian cause and regional security after a 20-year hiatus. will be an important step for establishment.

It was declared in the meeting that the political conditions were not favorable for the resolution of the Palestine-Israel conflict, due to which a dangerous humanitarian situation has arisen, this situation is also harmful for the two-state solution.

It was also said in the meeting that the continuous increase of illegal Jewish settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories can give rise to a big wave of violence at any time, which will be dangerous not only for the Palestinians but for the entire region.

The Arab peace process is actually a starting point for the Palestinian, Arab and Islamic positions, and it is a starting point for any peace process solution for the international partners in the absence of the possibility of a political solution to end the conflict. is the basis.

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It should be noted that Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan and Secretary General of the Arab League Ahmed Abul Ghait held this meeting on the occasion of the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly. The meeting coincided with the 20th anniversary of the Kingdom’s launch of the Arab Peace Initiative, hosted by EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Joseph Borrell.

It should be remembered that the “Arab Peace Initiative” was presented by Saudi Arabia in 2002 to resolve the conflict between Israel and the Arab world. According to this initiative, the Arab nations took a stand that “if Israel vacates the Arab territories occupied in the 1967 war and an independent Palestinian state is established, the Arab nations will repair relations with Israel.”

The recent meeting, led by Saudi Arabia and hosted by the European Union with the support of the Arab League, resulted in 25 countries and organizations including the United Nations, the Arab League and the OIC. Will be mobilized once again for the peace process.

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