Saudi Arabia’s efforts to combat climate change are commendable

The US special representative for the environment, John Kerry, has praised the role of Saudi Arabia against climate change, saying that more steps are needed.

According to Urdu News, the US special representative for the environment, John Kerry, has said that the threats to the environment remain due to climate and sea changes, but the efforts of the United Nations and the help of the Arab countries are valuable in this regard.

Since 1995, under the United Nations, the Environmental Conference COP has been held every year, of which 4 conferences have been held in Arab countries, this year COP 28 will be held in Dubai, which was also mentioned by US special representative John Kerry.

John Kerry appreciated the support received from other countries in the Gulf region, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, in addition to the United Nations.

He said that the first regional conference on environment and biofuels issues was held in the UAE last year in which 11 regional countries participated.

John Kerry said that at the end of the conference, a joint declaration was also issued, which emphasized the measures to keep the global temperature at 1.5 degrees, reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and to do it by 2030.

The UAE itself is devoting a large portion of its current efforts to renewable energy research and development.

John Kerry said, “I know that Saudi Arabia plans to build a huge solar field that will produce green hydrogen, while Bahrain, Kuwait and other countries are also thinking about it.”

The US Special Envoy mentioned environmental threats and warned that more steps need to be taken, the fact that climate change has also led to the extinction of past civilizations.

John Kerry appreciated the interest of the Arab countries on the issue of climate change, saying that the involvement of countries that are familiar with oil and gas and have influence in their community is very important.

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