Saudi Arabia: ‘You will be allowed to travel’

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia’s online platform, Tawakalna, has clarified that citizens in the categories exempt from the corona vaccine will be able to travel.

According to Arab media reports, the Tawaklana app management says that those who are exempt from the coronavirus vaccine will be treated in the same way as those who have been vaccinated.

The Saudi Health Ministry clarified that those who have been exempted from the corona vaccine will have the same status in Tawakalna and will not be banned. The corona vaccine vaccines will treat the person with the same status as those vaccinated.

The ministry said that if citizens who are exempt go to Google Bills and ISO and update the Tawaklana app, they will be shown the status as an exception.

Good news for those who want to go to Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, people with exceptional status can travel as vaccinators and visit public and private institutions.

It should be noted that the Ministry of Health has exempted some people from the corona vaccine for reasons of physical condition or illness, but has asked the general public to be more involved in the vaccination process.

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