Saudi Arabia: Which Citizens Cannot Ride Public Transport? –

According to the Saudi media, transport companies are obliged to offer discounted tickets to people with disabilities and not charge them more for special services.

According to sources, the new draft also prohibits carriers from providing special facilities for the disabled and those who cannot walk. The carrier will not have the right to refuse to provide a special service.

Passengers may conditionally keep small pets with them on public transportation when riding public transportation, as long as other passengers are not affected or obstructed.

If possible, a special place should be reserved for pets. Passengers attempting to board by crossing the transportation line or bypassing barriers at public transportation stations should be prevented from boarding.

Passengers wearing inappropriate or bad clothing should be avoided from boarding. Passengers who stink won’t be able to use public transportation either.

No passenger may spit or litter in transportation facilities or stations. Passengers may not photograph or videotape other passengers traveling with them.

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