Saudi Arabia: When will the curfew be lifted again? –

Riyadh: The Saudi Department of Public Health “Waqia” has expressed concern that new cases of corona virus may increase in the coming weeks in the kingdom. Curfews and lockdowns are also possible in the event of an increase in dangerous cases.

Speaking on Al-Akhbariya Channel’s program ‘120’, Waqia’s Assistant Executive Chairman Dr Muhammad Emad Al-Mohammadi said that considering the cases of Corona, it is feared that the number of victims will increase in the coming weeks.

Al-Mohammadi pointed out that the decision on easing or tightening lockdowns and curfews and security measures in the country would be based on the pressure on hospitals and the number of critically ill corona patients in the intensive care unit.

Al-Mohammadi added that at present the number of dangerous patients with the corona virus in the country is not high enough to cause concern.

Al-Muhammadi stressed that people should strictly adhere to the prescribed measures to prevent the virus. To prevent the spread of the virus, the rules issued by the Ministry of Health should be strictly followed, including social distance, wearing a mask and regular hand washing.

Regarding the use of masks, Al-Mohammadi said that masks are very helpful in preventing the virus, its use should not be neglected, especially in closed and crowded places.

It should be noted that with reference to the curfew pass on the ‘Tawakalna’ app, it was asked why the facility is still maintained in the app. Responding to a question, Tawakalna said that the curfew pass facility has been kept in view of the situation and it can be used if required.

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