Saudi Arabia: When can deportees return?

Riyadh: Saudi authorities have issued a clarification regarding the return of deported persons to Saudi Arabia. Under the new law, the entry of deported persons into Saudi Arabia will be prohibited for life.

According to the Saudi website, a person on Twitter of Juwazat discovered that one can approach the Juwazat office himself to receive the Iqama card of his wife.

In response, Juzaat said that along with the provision of digital services, there is also a delivery service through which Iqama cards can be ordered, renewed Iqama cards can also be obtained from the Juzaat office, but for this the card holder No, but the sponsor or the representative appointed by him will approach the Juzaat office.

It is necessary to get an appointment in advance to approach any permit office, a printout of the appointment is also required which is presented to the permit officer.

According to the law, the responsibility of the wife’s legal affairs is on her husband, according to the law, the woman is under the support of her husband, therefore, the wife’s Iqama card can be obtained through the justifications.

Another person on Juwazat’s Twitter asked when the deportees can go to Saudi Arabia.

In this regard, the Saudi Ministry has approved a new law since last year, which has been implemented for a long time.

Any foreigner who is deported for any crime cannot re-enter the country on a work visa for life, whereas previously people who were deported were blacklisted for a fixed period.

In the past, the blacklist period for deportees was determined by the investigating officer, depending on the nature of the crime, which ranged from 3 to 10 years, however serious the nature. People convicted of crimes were also blacklisted for life in the past.

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