Saudi Arabia: When and how to get unique “number plates” for cars?

Riyadh: Car enthusiasts in Saudi Arabia are also fond of fancy and unique number plates, for which they get the most expensive number plates through auction.

In this regard, the Saudi traffic department has issued the number plates of the vehicles with a unique “logo”. The said number plates are a reflection of Saudi culture and vision.

Issuance of vehicle number plates has been started from Monday 21st February with a fee of 800 riyals. The Saudi Ministry of Culture has approved five unique designs of national symbols for number plates.

These include the Saudi Vision logo, the national emblem of the kingdom, two swords and a palm tree, (in green and black) Madain Saleh and Al-Dariyah’s historic district of Tarif.

According to Saudi media, the traffic department has said that those who are interested in getting a number plate with a unique logo should approach the Abshar platform of the Interior Ministry.

In Abshar Services, select “Al-Maroor” (Traffic). Then go to the second option (Tawasil). , It will be taken once.

The Department of Traffic said in a statement that in order to issue a number plate with a unique logo, it would be necessary to enter the number plate information of your vehicle. The required logo must be identified and a photo of the fee receipt must be attached.

The statement said that this would be done by selecting “Al-Murafqat” (attached documents) on the Abshar platform. The project is being implemented by the Ministry of Culture, Interior and Finance, and the Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence. Is part of

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