Saudi Arabia, what will be the punishment for foreign employees who do not get vaccinated? Announced

According to a report by the Saudi News Agency, the code of conduct for vaccines issued by the Saudi Ministry of Manpower and Labor will take effect on August.

According to the report, the Saudi Ministry of the Interior has made vaccination mandatory for entering government departments, private institutions, markets and shopping malls, as well as public places since August 1, after which the Ministry of Human Resources has now imposed strict conditions on non-vaccinated employee.

According to a statement issued by the Saudi ministry, all employees must receive at least one dose of the corona vaccine before August 1, otherwise they will not be allowed to come to the office.

The ministry clarified that “a regulation has been established to serve these employees who work in public and private institutions, after which the private sector will have the power to direct unvaccinated employees to work from home.

The Ministry of Labor clarified in a statement that non-vaccinated employees will be able to work from home until August 9. After the deadline, the agency will be able to send the employee on leave, which is their annual leave. the license has expired or you have no license left, your salary will be deducted.

The statement said that after August 20, private companies and companies will be obliged to suspend or cancel the contract with the employee, if the employee and the company agree on the vaccine, then a respite will be given and the private company will have the option after August 20 to terminate the contract with the employee.

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