Saudi Arabia: What are the conditions for extending the Exodus?

Riyadh: The Saudi Passport Licensing Department has said that the validity of the passport must be at least 90 days for departure.

According to Saudi media, in response to a question on the Twitter account of Jawazat, the spokesperson of Jawazat said that the exit re-entry visas issued for 60, 90 and 120 days are counted from the time of travel.

The day-to-day departure and return visas, which set the date of travel and return, are counted from the time the visa is issued.

The licenses further said that the departure and return is imposed for two months for which the fee is 200 riyals while the fee is fixed at 100 riyals for each additional month.

The fee for multiple exit vows is 500 riyals, with a maximum limit of three months, after which a fee of 200 riyals is fixed for each additional month.

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