Riyadh: After the marriage of the children (daughters) of foreign workers in Saudi Arabia, it is necessary to transfer their residence to the residence of the husband.

In this regard, regulations have been laid down in the licenses which must be followed. A person has inquired from the licenses as to what would be the method of transferring the residence in the name of the husband after the marriage of the daughter.

According to the licenses, the residence can be transferred to the husband after the marriage of the daughter.

Regarding the transfer of residence in the name of the husband, the justices said that there is a legal procedure for transfer of residence in the name of the husband which should be followed.

The form prescribed by the licenses will be filled. Forms can be obtained from any licensing office. It is also possible to download the form from the licensing website.

After filling up the form, a brief request for change of sponsorship from the husband should be written in Arabic to the Director of Licenses.

Attach two color photos (size 4 * 6) to the form, making sure the background of the photo is white. Attach a copy of the husband’s residency (If the husband is a Saudi citizen, attach a copy of his ID card)

Attach a photocopy of the marriage certificate. Make sure that the copy should be clear so that the information contained in the marriage certificate can be read clearly.

If the marriage has taken place outside the country, then after translating the marriage certificate, get it verified by the Foreign Office of your country’s Foreign Office, after which the Saudi Embassy will confirm it.

After verification from both the places, translation and certified marriage certificate will be verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia.

The husband’s name should be written in the daughter’s passport instead of the father’s name (this should be done by the embassy of his country). It should be noted that in case of having a Pakistani passport, a new copy of the passport is made as the machine readable passport is not added.

A letter will be required from the ex-sponsor of the woman. (If the woman is on a work visa) In case of sponsorship of the father, the letter of resignation will not be required, only the marriage certificate will be considered sufficient.

The fee for transfer of residence in the name of the husband should be paid through ‘Sadad’ in the license of 2000 riyals. Keep in mind that if a woman is moving from her father’s residence to her husband’s residence then the sponsorship will change for the first time. The fee is only 2,000 riyals.

After completing all the formalities, the husband should submit his wife’s old residency and original passport along with the file containing the certified marriage certificate and prescribed form to the licensing office where he will be issued a new residency in the husband’s name.