Saudi Arabia: Warning! Action can be taken

Riyadh: Saudi legal expert Nawal Al-Shammari has warned that taking a picture of a traffic accident or criminal activity is also against the law on which action can be taken.

Nawal warned that taking photos of anyone without permission is a legal offense in Saudi Arabia, while it is against the law to reflect any accident, be it a traffic accident or criminal activity.

The legal expert said that it is also a crime for a person who does not know and his picture is taken, in which case a fine of one thousand riyals can be imposed under Article 19 of the law.

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Violators will have to delete videos and photos and pay a fine.

Nawal al-Shammari added that the amount of the fine is doubled if the violation is repeated, an accident or an act can be photographed when the photographer is a direct party to the accident or incident.

It should be noted that this law is in force to protect the private and private life of the people in the country.


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