Saudi Arabia: Telecom Tower Company’s Big Decision for Public Convenience

Riyadh – Saudi Arabia’s ICT infrastructure company plans to build around 200 new towers in the kingdom each year to meet the expanding needs of the towel sector.

Towal CEO Muhammad Muhammad al-Haqbani told Saudi news portal Argam that the company was working to participate in major projects in the kingdom, including Newum, Al Qaeda, Red Sea, Amala and Alaa.

Muhammad al-Haqbani said there are more than 35,000 communication towers in Saudi Arabia and Tawal owns about 45% of them.

He said the company’s net profit margin is 15 to 20 percent, a solid performance compared to the profit margins and return of highly efficient international companies.

Muhammad al-Haqbani said the country’s first telecommunications tower company recently adopted a sustainability strategy that includes improving access to high-speed digital services for the community, adhering to environmental standards and supporting local content proportions, and increases and contributes to local economic development.

The CEO of the company said that they have started construction of 60 new sites in Newem that are working entirely with solar energy.

Muhammad al-Haqbani said the company is using hybrid power solutions consisting of batteries and generators for 850 sites, with a goal of reaching more than 1,000 locations by 2021.

He said that more than 300 diesel generators have also been replaced and connected to the electricity grid. Another 100 will be added by the end of 2021, while renewable energy is increasingly used on its network.

He said the company was also working to promote the exchange of communication towers to reduce duplication.

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