‘Saudi Arabia soon …’ Big news has arrived

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia will soon introduce a new school attendance system for students.

According to Arab media reports, the spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Education, Ibstam Hassan Al-Shehri, said the formality of school attendance will be announced soon.

He said that the implementation of SOPs would be ensured in case of school attendance, adding that students under the age of 12 who have already entered high school in Karachi will start their academic year online. Vaccination of students with chronic diseases has been prohibited.

The Minister said that such students will also study online, 96% of the renovation work in Saudi Arabian schools has been completed, the Ministry has allocated a budget of 57 million riyals for Corona SOP.

Saudi Arabia has achieved great success

“We take the beginning of the new school year very seriously,” Hassan said. Students who have received both doses of the corona vaccine will study in regular classes at school, while elementary students will be taught online through the ‘Madrasi’ platform.

The spokesperson said the goal of the vaccine was to strengthen the immune system by vaccinating 70% of people in Saudi Arabia. If the mission is completed before October 30, the rules will be as usual.

It should be noted that the number of middle and high school students in Saudi Arabia is 3.1 million. 70% of them have been vaccinated.

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