Saudi Arabia: Significant increase in online shopping –

The Riyadh Chamber of Commerce has released a report saying that Saudi Arabia has become a major market for online business worldwide, starting in 2019, with the volume of online business reaching 7 5.7 billion by 2020.

According to the SPA, the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce says that online business in the country was started in 2001. The report said that the share of online business in the national product of the country was 10482 million dollars last year.

Apparel and footwear accounted for 20 3209 million in online business, followed by electronic goods with a turnover of up to 29 2998 million.

Furniture and household goods came in third with 14 1477 million in purchases, followed by food and medicine at کم 776 million.

Riyadh Chamber of Commerce while releasing a report on the state of online business in the country said that our aim is to highlight the importance of online business in the country at the national and international level.

The growing use of the Internet and social networking resources has increased online business opportunities this year, the report said.

According to the report, the growing online business graph of International Online last year showed that Saudi Arabia was ranked second in the Arab world and 49th in the world out of 152 countries.


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